Our Philosophy is to create an environment that supports happy, healthy visits or exchanges for every child and their family.

Connectivity Supervised Access Services provides a safe, neutral, and child-focused setting for children to visit with their non-residential parent. All visits and exchanges take place under the supervision of trained staff and volunteers.

Connectivity has been created to support the connectedness of a child with the non- residential parent. It is our belief that a child has the right to know both parents in a safe and supportive environment. Therefore we have a process in place to set the child and both parents up for successful visits and access exchanges.

History of Connectivity:

Connectivity was a twinkle in the eye of one service provider, Carmen Barclay MA, who began offering independent supervised access services in 2000. After 18 years operating as an independent service provider Carmen knew from her experience and training that the best impact for families would be through a hub of core services.

Recognizing the need for a team approach, and already working collaboratively with The Men’s Centre, it was a natural next step to begin developing the service hub within The Men’s Centre. You are witnessing the development of Connectivity Supervised Access Services, the result of the a team of professionals dedicated to better outcomes for children and families of separation and divorce.

The challenge for this hub of services is to find support in the way of funding and a larger, more suitable building. We look forward to meeting these challenges and invite you to support this program in any way you can.

Show your support:

1)  Sign the petition “End Tragic Outcomes for Children of High Conflict Separation and Divorce” Please join us in supporting this important issue https://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/644/530/794/

2) Join our vision and mission by sponsoring services or making a donation.


We are members in good standing and adhere to the guidelines and practices of the Supervised Visitation Network.