Conditions on working with us

Conditions for Working With Connectivity

The conditions outlined below must be reviewed and agreed to by all parties looking to participate in the Supervised Visitation/Exchange services offered by Connectivity.  Connectivity employs qualified and trained staff to provide supervised access services to families, there is a process to access services: Intake Sessions, Signed Agreement and dates/times set, Payment prior to services starting and Parent Support sessions scheduled.


Current Information:

  • Parents agree to keep Connectivity informed of changes to their files such as court orders, personal contact information and changes to visitation or access exchange.
  • All clients will provide current contact information and advise the supervisor of any changes.


Visit Locations and Details:

  • Intake sessions will be done with each parent by the Connectivity Director before access visits begin. All relevant legal documents must be brought to the intake session.
  • The children will meet the access or exchange supervisor before access visits begin.
  • A signed Agreement for Services will be completed before services begin.
  • The first three access visits will be held at 418D Fitzwilliam Street, Nanaimo.
  • A short verbal debrief will be provided to the custodial parent at the end of a visit or exchange.
  • Written notes of each visit or exchange will be available one week after service.



  • It is the responsibility of each parent to read the guidelines for supervised visit or access exchange.  If there are any concerns or questions they should be addressed with the Connectivity Director as soon as possible.
  • The residential parent must have a contact number they can be reached at during a supervised visit or access exchange, and be available at that number in case the supervisor needs to contact them.
  • Supervisor will not participate in affidavits and will only appear in court if a subpoena has been issued requesting an appearance and the witness fee has been paid one week prior to the court date.


Parental Support Sessions:

  • Each parent is required to attend two one hour parental support sessions with one of the Connectivity Director.
  • The parent may attend their sessions in person, by phone or Skype.
  • At the end of their two sessions each parent may choose to stop or continue with counselling services.


Exchange of a Child:

  • Only the residential parent (or visiting parent in access exchange) will be able to pick up and drop off the children unless previous written authorization has been given and agreed upon with Connectivity Director or designate.
  • Arrival and departure of residential and non-residential parents will be at different times. Parents agree that they will remain visibly, physically and verbally separate unless the court order or other specific agreement indicates the parents may have contact.



  • Both parents and the Connectivity Director or designate must approve all visitors before the access visit or exchange.
  • Visitors must read the guidelines that apply to supervised visits and agree to terms set out in the guidelines.
  • Parents and visitors are expected to be punctual and arrive at arranged times for start and end of supervised visits or access exchanges.


Payment of Fees:

  • In order to secure your requested time and service, all fees are to be paid one week prior to a visit or exchange.  The fee may be paid by cash, credit card, pay pal or cheque made payable to The Men’s Centre. Please refer to current service rates document.
  • Access fees – visits will be a minimum of two hours, plus one hour note writing time. Note writing time for longer visits will be adjusted based on length of visit.
  • Summary fee – for a summary of all access or exchange notes there will be a fee that reflects the amount of notes and time needed to prepare the summary. This will be arranged in advance of expected due date and a fee will be determined. Once a fee is determined the client would pay a 50% deposit to initiate the start of the summary.
  • File fees – if the supervisor’s file is requested (by subpoena only), a fee will be charged for time taken to assemble a copy of the file and any costs incurred while doing so.
  • Witness fee – attending court is the normal hourly supervised access service rate and must be paid prior to any court appearance.
  • Additional fees – costs/expenses will be negotiated and paid for prior to the visit or exchange.
  • Travel fees – mileage is calculated by kilometer, plus travel time.
  • Parental Support Session fees – the fee is by donation.
  • Subsidy may be available on a sliding scale.


Cancellation of Service:

  • Except in an unavoidable emergency such as sudden illness, bad weather or accident, the relevant parent will inform the supervisor as soon as possible and at least 24 hours in advance of canceling an access visit or exchange.  Fees will still apply to scheduled visit if 24 hours notice has not been provided.  Repeated cancellations could lead to withdrawal of services.


Refund of Money:

  • Refunds of money will not be given.  If cancelation of services is within the required 24 hours time in lieu will be given.
  • If services are canceled by the supervisor and there was a retainer provided, appropriate deductions for services will be made and the remainder will be returned to the client or applied to future services.


Contacting the Supervisor:

  • For the purpose of arranging visits or interviews please contact Connectivity between the hours of 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  phone: 250-716-1551.
  • If you can not reach the supervisor directly, please leave a message at this phone number 250-716-1551 or send an email to and someone will contact you as soon as they are able.
  • Please restrict contact outside of these hours to urgent matters only.