Parent Education:

Parent education is both informal and formal at Connectivity. We start educating clients with the parent support sessions. The education also continues through the visits and access exchanges as well as we have a library and many resources to assist parents in their journey to new parenting experiences as separate parents.

We are in the process of creating the curriculum of a parent education program that educates parents through the process of parenting through separation and divorce. This is a child focused program, including the parents as integral and important individuals in this process. Please check back or contact us if this training is of interest to you.

Staff Education:

At Connectivity we follow the Standards for Supervised Visitation Practice set out by the Supervised Visitation Network, which we are a member in good standing.

History of Supervised Visitation Network (SVN) In 1994, SVN adopted a resolution to develop a draft document of Standards and Guidelines to be reviewed and accepted by the SVN general membership. The document was intended to serve as a best practice resource for professionals operating and administering child access/supervised visitation and exchange services.

The current revision, effective July 1, 2006, is based on the original SVN Standards and Guidelines document created and approved by the general membership in April 1996. In this revised document, Standards and Guidelines have been separated out. This document sets forth mandatory minimum standards of practice. Best Practice Guidelines will be developed after the general membership approves and ratifies adoption of the Standards of Practice.