Supervised Exchanges









We offer Supervised Exchange services for parents wanting a safe and supervised child exchange process. Below are the guidelines that we follow to assure the exchange goes smoothly and in accordance with any relevant court order.

Access Exchange Guidelines

Upon completion of individual parent intake and child orientation, the Supervisor will determine a mutually agreed upon time and location that would be suitable for the provision of access exchange.
Access exchange is a means of safely exchanging the children from one parent to the other. Parents will remain physically, verbally and visibly separate.
The exchange supervisor will not take on the role of messenger, psychologist, psychiatrist, mediator, counselor or confidante.

The exchange supervisor is an independent third party. Do not say anything to the exchange supervisor that cannot be repeated. Confidentiality will be kept, however the facts will be noted. The notes will be factual and merely report what happens during an exchange.

Required Steps to Access Exchange:

  • Interview with accessing parties, guidelines discussed
  • Interview with custodial parent, guidelines discussed
  • Meet the children prior to access exchange
  • Court order or agreement pertaining to access, copy to supervisor
  • Exchange Agreement signed by both parents and or guardians
  • Dates, times, and locations arranged
  • Fee paid in advance of exchange

Fees will be reviewed at the Intake Session