Supervised Visits

We offer Supervised Visitation Services for parents wanting a safe and orderly supervised visitation experience for them and their child. Below are the guidelines of working with our service.

Supervised Visitation Guidelines
Before any visit takes place it is important that both parties have a clear understanding of the supervisor’s role. A supervisor on an access visit does just that – supervise the visit. The supervisor is an independent third party, regardless of who is paying for the service.

The supervisor will not assess the quality of the visit, they merely report facts on what happens during a visit. On occasion a small audio recorder or note pad may be used to assist them in keeping accurate facts. The supervisor’s objective is to ensure each visit is a positive experience for the child.

The visiting parent and the child must be with the supervisor at all times. Should the child have to use the washroom, the supervisor will go with the child(ren), unless the residential parent, legal guardian or court order states otherwise.

Any immediate decision that has to be made on a visit about the appropriateness of any activity will ultimately be left up to the supervisor and the supervisor will be conservative. The supervisor will not take on the role of lawyer, psychologist, counsellor, mediator or confidante.

If the supervisor feels the visiting parent is acting inappropriately or the child’s safety is at risk, the supervisor will warn the visiting parent or terminate the visit. Termination of a visit does not necessarily mean termination of services, future visits may possibly continue.

The supervisor will keep a written record of each visit and these visit notes will be provided to each parent one week after the visit.
The supervisor will not file affidavit materials, but will appear in court when served with a subpoena. A witness fee will be charged and must be paid prior to the court date.Summary reports may be requested, a fee will be negotiated based on the number and duration of access visits being summarized.

Payment & Cancellation: Payment of fees will be at least one week prior to any visit, this is to secure the supervisor’s time and provide consistency for everyone. If a client needs to cancel a visit 24 hours notice must be provided to the supervisor in order to get time in lieu. Please refer to Conditions for Service document.

Required Steps to Supervised Visitation:

  1. Interview with visiting parent, guidelines discussed
  2. Interview with residential parent, guidelines discussed
  3. Supervisor to meet children prior to visit
  4. Court order pertaining to access, copy given to supervisor
  5. Visitation agreement signed by both parents and or guardians
  6. Dates, times, and locations arranged
  7. Fees paid one week before every visit

Fees will be reviewed at the Intake Session